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Whether you're enjoying a cookie in your office conference room, a piece of delicious cake at an event, or something tasty around your family table, we believe our clients should feel the love in our goodies.

We hope that each yummy bite will 
awaken your taste buds and

transport you to joy-filled recollections,

serve as stimulation for future pursuits, 
or, simply put a smile on your face.

Don't see what you need for your special occasion? Fill out the Special Order form at the bottom of this page.

A Note to Our Corporate Clients: We love you & serve offices small to large who really care about their partners, staff and clients and know that well fed folks are happy folks.  We've got your weekly pastry order as well as special occasions (think celebration cakes) covered. Call 323-363-7336 to set-up your weekly Auto-order Service. We make this easy!




Yes, We Do
Special Orders!

Don't see what you're looking for?

Chances are we can make that for you. 

Just use this form to tell us about the style and flavor you want and we'll get back to you with pricing and details.

Bon Appetit!

Thanks for submitting!

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