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And then, another dream came true...

In late 2022 I was presented with the opportunity to participate in a multi-author book focused on overcoming obstacles. As with anything of substance, the leap itself was an accomplishment. What followed was one of the best experiences of my life. In fact, a friend said, "I think you got about 5 years of therapy in the time it took you to do this!"


Along with a dozen other women, from all walks of life, we spent weeks developing our individual stories, gathering for group coaching, and getting to know one another very well. This culminated in chapters we are all proud of and a book that reached "bestseller" status in multiple categories in April of 2023. I invite you to read it for yourself, and also check out the recipient of all profits, Central Texas Table of Grace.

Order Your Copy of our Bestselling Book Now!!!

All profits go to

Central Texas Table of Grace 


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"Yummy Pies" Book
just in time for Pi Day (3/14)

Yummy Pies You Can Bake Yourself Cover_edited.jpg
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