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What our clients think about us ...

We had to write. Your pies are the best we've ever had. The Apple and Cranberry were not run of the mill. Had 8 for dinner and we all agreed, "A+". My husband wants you to open a restaurant so he can invest in it.

Karen and John, Austin

It is the best desserts you will ever experience of any kind, whether  parve, gluten free or dairy! You cannot find anything better. You can take that to the bank.

Houman M, Beverly Hills

Betsy has done many celebration cakes (large and small) for my family. 

She has also catered functions for my workplace. We will always happily order and eat her delicious treats.


Eliza Q, Galveston

Betsy Davis is a master at treating the palate to some of the most delicious sweets my family has ever tasted. We have had Betsy not only cook for us but bake for our family as well. With six children, trying to please everyone is difficult if not impossible at times. However, with crafty talented Betsy, my kids are begging for her to bake for us all the time!


She prepared the desserts for my oldest son's Bar Mitzvah this year and also for my twins' birthday last month. Betsy also did the desserts for my triplet daughters' Bat Mitzvah party luncheon three years ago.


I highly recommend Betsy "The Saucy Redhead" to anyone who appreciates delicious food, especially if you love sweets.

Lisa K, Beverly Hills

Some of the best desserts I ever ate, everything has such a warm and home made taste you can feel the love invested in all the desserts!

Michael O, New York

I will not do a party without the mouth watering chocolate chip and butter cookies of The Saucy Redhead, her red velvet cake was a heavenly delight besides being an artistic creation with real rose petals that my guests devoured. Her creativity is boundless. She is both a treasure and a pleasure to work with.


Sonia K, Century City

Betsy Davis and The Saucy Redhead are far and away the best food, baked goods, and catering service that Los Angeles has to offer. Her pecan chewies and chocolate chip cookie bars are unparalleled, and her savory food is just as incredible.


I love recommending her to friends and colleagues - she is able to satisfy everyone, no matter what their requests. I've eaten her food at Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, Brit Milahs, Bake Sales and Private Affairs, and somehow each time she manages to outdo herself yet again.


Her Southern cooking influence is unmistakable but the taste of her food belongs in a category of its own: Perfection!

BatSheva V, Carthay Square

Betsy once whipped up a special a crumb cake for me as a thank you. It had cinnamon, brown sugar and lots of love baked into it. Plus, I later found out she really did ‘throw’ it together; she hadn’t made this style of cake before, but created it just from my description!

Yavonne H, Los Angeles

Betsy has been the caterer of the most important milestones of our lives; Saucy Redhead catered our wedding - and the brit of our son seven years later.  Inventive menus, always able to accommodate special dietary needs, cleverly mixing together different taste traditions -- Betsy Davis gets it right every time.  Whether you're having 20 or 200 or more, the Saucy Redhead is superb.   (True story: it was Betsy's cooking that led me to give up vegetarianism.  No one else alive could have done that.)


Hugo S, Beverly Hills

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