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Are you anxious about entertaining?

I know so many folks from all walks of life, and in many stages of development and accomplishment, who absolutely dread having people over for a backyard BBQ, much less hosting a full-on soiree. They are convinced that it will be too much trouble, or insecure that they are not ‘Martha,’ or ‘Ina,’ (or, insert your favorite food/entertaining icon here) enough. That things simply won’t “be right.”

On top of this, we spent a couple of years away from gatherings (thanks, Covid) and everyone got out of the habit of entertaining and being entertained. Some people are still a little skittish to be in crowds, and others found that their own company was just fine with them.


I propose that once your guests accept your invitation, it's because they like you, they want to see you and to spend time and/or celebrate with you. Save some high-end events, people want to feel their host's unique energy. No need for you to show off for them. What is more awkward than a party where you never see the host or one where the host is super frustrated/anxious? Did you know you can have an event that makes people feel special AND do it within your comfort zone?

This is where I come in….I have spent more years than I would care to admit planning and executing events. For me, it is second nature. I studied at my mother’s knee.  I have memories of her planning parties, designing menus, and writing thank you notes; teaching me the importance of how you treat people. Similar lessons came from my father, who spent his entire career in retail, at a time when "the customer is always right" reigned supreme.

The thing about hospitality (for me) is this…energy is energy…and people will always remember how you make them feel. If you treat someone well, and do it with your whole heart, they will do the same for others and so it spreads...ultimately the world becomes a better place, if only for a moment. (And the opposite is also true.)


Through the years, I have seen people squirm when they think they should or actually have to entertain. Whether it is their turn to host family Thanksgiving, a baby or bridal shower, or even a business dinner, I see people fretting over who, how, what, and when…and then there are the dreaded "what ifs?" (Anxiety is a major killjoy.)


Seriously, what’s that all about? We are social animals...even the introverts among us. Why are people so stressed out about planning something fun? I think it's a metaphor for life…people are afraid to show up as who they are for fear they (or their choices) will be rejected. In reality, your eccentricities can be your superpower. Being authentic creates an invitation for your guests to do the same…like being the first person in the pool, or on the dance floor.


I’m not your party planner, per se, but rather, someone to hold your hand through the process, help to ensure your voice is heard, and that you are comfortable with the bash you are hosting. Whether you are doing it from soup to nuts yourself, or contracting with others, I will be an ally, a friend (albeit one with 30+ years of experience and the objectivity to keep you on task.)  Honestly, I'm like your fairy godmother…with Bourbon!

Planning a party can be overwhelming, but hiring an expert takes the guesswork out of the equation. When you book with The Saucy Redhead, you're getting years of experience and expertise that will make your party a truly unforgettable event. Whether you're planning a birthday, anniversary, or even a corporate event, I'm here to help you create your perfect party, not a cookie-cutter style soiree. With my half and full-day VIP packages, we'll sit down together, establish your priorities, and create a plan that is completely tailored to your needs, with lunch included.

Get in touch today to start planning!

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Having Betsy's eyes on my event was an absolute game changer. I was planning my birthday which had multiple elements to juggle and she streamlined the whole thing, making the right relationships with the venue and taking all of the stress off my shoulders.
I will not plan another event without Betsy's expertise.

Elizabeth W, Austin

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